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If you are interested in adopting this dog then please read our Adoption Policy and then complete an Adoption Application.  

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تحليل اليورو دولار Description
Jimbob is such a little sweetheart. He might be 10 years old, but he's still a spritely boy! He is super affectionate, he LOVES a good kiss and cuddle. Jimbob's kisses are legendary... enthusiastic, totally heart warming and giggle inducing!
Jimbob is living in a foster home where he's doing brilliantly. Hi foster carers say "He's such a lovely, happy dog who makes us laugh everyday! We have a glass dining table and he sits directly underneath the food and stares at it while making grunting noises. We've discovered he's terrified of fireworks and loud bangs so he got lots of cuddles on Bonfire night! Jimbob enjoys a good run around in the garden. His favourite place to be is on the couch and he curls up next to me snoring away."
Jimbob will always bring a toy over to you because he loves playing. He's more like a 6 year old than a 10 year old... he is such a playful and happy boy. Look at his photos to see his special tennis ball trick!
When Jimbob lived in kennels, our volunteers loved spending time with Jimbob because he's a really easy boy... like most dogs, he gets excited to go on a walk but will happily stand whilst you adjust his harness and get ready to leave. He can pull at the start of the walk but not for long, he quickly settles down.
Jimbob is a polite dog with some basic training skills already in the bag - he does a lovely sit and paw for a treat, and he'll walk past anything without batting an eyelid. Jimbob does not like other dogs... he is fine when out on walks - he'll happily walk past without any fuss, but he isn't happy when dogs are in his personal space. Jimbob wears a muzzle on walks, he is muzzle trained and is happy wearing it. 
Jimbob has been treated to two special days out recently; firstly a very busy community event where he schmoozed the crowds... He was very well mannered with the children who wanted to make a fuss of him, allowing them all a nice stroke. The second event was our own fun Dog Show where he lapped up all the attention and proved to be a mature and steady. 
Jimbob is such a chilled out boy, he'll be fantastic friend -  he can be left home alone for a few hours, he wouldn't ask for too much exercise... a couple of nice walks with his best mate each day and maybe a bit more at the weekends! 
We are looking for a pet-free, adult only home for Jimbob. 
You have to meet Jimbob to understand how loving he is, with a delightful and laid back personality. Jimbob deserves his chance at happiness. Could that be with you?

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