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الخيارات الثنائية الرسم البياني اليومي Male

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Approximate Age

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If you are interested in adopting this dog then please read our Adoption Policy and then complete an Adoption Application.  
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enter Kane is a  small to medium, beautiful Staffy type - he's a really lovely, easy going boy. We find it hard to believe that Kane is 12 years old - we think you'll agree that he looks incredible for his age.

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الإستطلاعات على الإنترنت لكسب المال Kane walks well on his lead.  He will take treats gently and sit and offer a paw.  Kane appears to be fine with other dogs and he may also be OK with cats but would need further testing.

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jobba hemifrån affärside Kane comes across as a calm boy.  Kane is very affectionate and likes to give kisses but he may give a little nibble when he does so, just from excitement - for this reason we are looking for a home without younger children. 


Kane has recently moved into a foster home - we will bring you more information on Kane in his home environment soon. So far we know that Kane loves to play with the resident puppy in his foster home but he isn't too bothered about playing with people. Kane loves to run around and tuggy games are his favourite!


To adopt Kane, please complete our online adoption application form and we will be in touch. We welcome applications from the North West but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Please complete the application form before requesting to meet our dogs - visits to the kennels are by appointment only. Please note that Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under 5 years.

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