Approximate Age

18 - 24 months


If you are interested in adopting this dog then please read our Adoption Policy and then complete an Adoption Application.  



Poor McGregor has been with us for over six months now. He's watched other dogs come and go off to start their new life, whilst waiting patiently for his special someone to come along. Kennel life is taking it's toll on McGregor and he's getting down in the dumps. He's adored by the volunteers but nothing would make us happier than to see him settled in his forever home.


Mcgregor wins the award for the easiest dog to walk... he walks by your side, wagging his tail happily and doesn't pull in the slightest. He occasionally stops in his tracks, as though he doesn't want to walk anymore, but we think this could be his crafty way of getting a treat! McGregor is a dinky pint sized Staffy and he's in a great, healthy condition.

McGregor can be wary of new people, especially some men and has snapped a couple of times, we ask that you are patient when meeting McGregor for the first time and allow him to make friends at his pace. Once you gain his trust, McGregor becomes attached very quickly and will give kisses and cuddles in a calm and quiet manner. For this reason, we are looking for an adult only home for McGregor. 

When McGregor feels relaxed with you, he loves to sit on your lap and enjoys ear scratches and little back massages. He's a bit overwhelmed by the other dogs in the kennels and sometimes goes to quietly sit in his bed whilst the others are all barking. He is well behaved with other dogs he's come across and we think he is already house trained because he rarely goes to the toilet in his kennel. 


McGregor isn't destructive in his kennel, he even treats his specially designed foraging games carefully! And he isn't greedy with his food, he has lovely manners and takes treats very gently.  Mcgreggor is really sweet natured and has the most adorable little face - a very handsome doggy. He would make a great companion for someone who is at home for most of the day and would like a steady dog, who isn't overly boisterous.


McGregor requires a pet-free home - he is not dog or cat friendly. Thank you 


To adopt McGregor, please complete our online adoption application form and we will be in touch. We welcome applications from the North West bu unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Please complete the application form before requesting to meet our dogs - visits to the kennels are by appointment only. Please note that Homeless Hounds cannot rehome to families with children under 5 years. 
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