Dutch Shepherd (aka Dutch Herder)





Approximate Age

18 months


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Hugo's a handsome devil, a friendly and affable fella who's still a big puppy at heart. He's a very loving loving boy with our volunteers and he's a little bit goofy too - just enough to make you giggle!


Hugo is a live wire on the lead, he jumps up and throws himself around a lot, it looks like walking on a lead is a new experience for him, so he will need some consistent training to help him feel comfortable with this new concept. 
We think that Hugo has got fantastic training potential - a young dog with a keen mind - he has fabulous focus considering the multitude of distractions in the kennels and he must have a lot of pent up energy, so it's remarkable that he can learn new tricks as quickly as he does.   This might not surprise you if you're familiar with Shepherds who are known to be loyal, reliable, alert, watchful, active, independent, intelligent and intuitive.   He's clearly a smart boy with a desire to be challenged.   Hugo is a Dutch Shepherd (aka Dutch Herder) - a large working breed, about the size of a German Shepherd, and will need an active lifestyle.   Hugo would thrive with an owner who is interested in dog sports.   
In the play area at the kennels, Hugo is excitable and jumpy at first - he's tall enough to jump up and lick your face without any effort but he soon calms down and starts to play with you. He loves balls and other small toys that he can fit in his mouth - he's surprisingly gentle with balls and although he hasn't learnt to drop on command every time, he will release the ball if you're patient, or if you offer another ball in exchange. 
Hugo does a brilliant 'sit', 'lie down', 'paw' and 'wait'. He's keen to get his reward so a little training to encourage impulse control will go a long way - he's already starting to get the hang of that. Hugo is polite and gentle when taking treats. 
Hugo is not friendly with other dogs - he likes to run at the fence and bark at passing dogs but he responds really well to distraction with a toy and lots of praise for ignoring the other dog and staying calm.  We are looking for a pet free home where he can relax and blossom into a truly smashing boy. 
You really have to meet Hugo to appreciate how cute and personable he is - you'll fall in love with his sweet and happy nature. Hugo is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. 
To adopt Hugo, please complete our online adoption application form and we will be in touch. We welcome applications from the North West but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Please submit your application before requesting to meet our dogs, visits are by appointment only. Please note that Homeless Hounds is unable to rehome dogs to families with children under 5 years.

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