Bearded Collie





Approximate Age

9 months


If you are interested in adopting this dog then please read our Adoption Policy and then complete an Adoption Application.  




***PIPPA IS NOW RESERVED thank you ***


Pippa is new to our care at Homeless Hounds. She is a very lucky girl to be alive and well because she was so poorly when she first came to us that she nearly died. She spent several days in the vets, on a drip, with constant monitoring. As you can see, she's made a remarkable recovery and is a loving, playful puppy! 


Pippa is now living with one of our fabulous foster families. This is what they say about her.... 

"Pippa has been with us for a couple of weeks now and is a typical nine month old puppy. From coming to us after being at deaths door, she has bounced back with a real zest for life. She is an active young lady who loves getting out and and chasing the ball, which she brings back for it to be thrown again. Her training is going well and she will stay in the house or car until told to get out to start her walk, and will come when called .... mostly. She has proved herself to be cat friendly and is an affectionate cuddle monster in the house.  At the moment she is fine to be left for an hour or so, and so far hasn't chewed anything she shouldn't whilst we haven't been there. Her toilet training is improving all the time with no issues whilst you are there. She has been sleeping in her bed next to ours and will be fine through the night.
Pippa is a very active dog and needs to be given regular exercise... she will let you know when it is time to go out !!!!  She would be suited to someone patient, with an active lifestyle who will put the time in to complete her training and help Pippa reach her potential. She really is adorable."



Please consider Pippa's breed before falling in love with her.... Bearded Collies grow very long coats that require daily brushing and reqular maintenance grooms. Pippa was so dirty and covered in knots that she had to be clipped down to the skin to make her feel comfortable. Bearded Collies require lots of physical exercise and mental challenges.... Pippa would be most suited to an active family who would like to get involved in dog sports or training disciplines. 


Pippa is dog friendly and could share her home with another dog.


To adopt Pippa, please complete our online adoption application form and we will be in touch. We welcome applications from the North West but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Please submit your application before requesting to meet our dogs - visits are by appointment only. Please note that Homeless Hounds is unable to rehome dogs to families with children under 5 years.

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