*** Gordon is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Gordon. Thank you ***


Gordon is currently living with one of our amazing foster carers. This is what Gordon’s fosterer says about him…


“I will be very sad to see this little one go.  Gordon is a small dog – 4.7 kgs at his last weight check and he’s thought to be a Norfolk Terrier cross. He is approximately 12 months old.

Gordon is the cutest little thing but is a typical terrier and so needs a terrier experienced home in my opinion. No children because he needs his own space and someone who can read him because he can still snap occasionally.  Gordon can never go into kennels because he just doesn’t cope in there so not for people who like their holidays abroad.  Gordon is not a handbag dog and does not like to be dressed up.

Gordon does not like fireworks, he barks but we resolved this by bringing him into bed with us!  He always crosses his paws when he lies down which is so cute, he does not like to be ignored by you being on your phone so he will sit and chat at you until you stroke him.  Gordon does not like me working on the laptop too much either and if he has had enough he will plonk his head down on the keyboard so you can’t ignore him!!
Gordon can display some very strong guarding behaviours and I do think a lot of it is trust.  He is now ok with his food dish but he will guard treats and he also guards “his people” usually from the other dogs.  Can Gordon live with another dog is something I am not sure of.  He is fine most of the time with our 4 dogs but obviously he will snap at them when he is guarding and they get too close, however he does watch our dogs and I feel he has learnt a lot from them and is still learning.
Gordon doesn’t seem to know what to do with a ball but he likes a raggy rope toy and he loves to wrestle and chew on your hands!!  He LOVES going out on walks and is so nice to walk on the lead, he really struts his stuff and is a head turner.  Gordon knows his name so PLEASE keep it….other people out and about love it.  He is house trained, he does not like the rain however he will go for a walk in the rain but ask him to go to the toilet and you have no chance unless you go out too!! If he is getting wet then so are you!!
Obviously he will need to be taken for grooms, he has been for a groom whilst he’s been with us and was apparently very good.  Gordon needs muzzling for the vets!  He can jump and is very clever, he is food driven so training is easy enough, the one issue I do have is stopping him from going through doors so he needs a wait command teaching. I think as at the moment I have to throw a treat and then run in the room when he has gone for that otherwise he would attack my foot. Gordon does also like to snuggle with you sometimes too so its the best of both worlds with him, in the right hands he will be the best companion.
Out meeting other dogs hasn’t been too great – he seems to cope better walked solo rather than with our other dogs. He has also slept in a crate overnight (covered over) and was fine and he is ok being left for a few hours.
This boy makes me smile every day and I am really going to miss him but I know in my heart that there is someone who will love him as much as we do. “

To adopt Gordon, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you