*** Pandora is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Pandora. Thank you ***

Pandora is currently living in one of our amazing foster homes. This is what Pandora’s fosterer says about her ….

“Pandora can be very wary of strangers and new experiences, but is very loving, affectionate and eager to please when she gets to know you well. Anyone wishing to offer Pandora her forever home will need to make several visits to make a connection. She still meets people on her own terms, sometimes shuns them altogether and other times gives an enthusiastic welcome, then growls if they attempt a stroke without permission.

Pandora is still fairly strong on a lead, but is improving daily, and can now “wait” by the kerb to cross the road instead of steaming across. Pandora has a huge prey drive – birds, cats, rabbits, squirrels, so no small furries advised.

She loves to play tug, and tearing her toys apart, but has harmed absolutely nothing else in the house! Pandora is housetrained and is fine to be left in the house for short periods of time, the longest time left being 2 hours so far.

Pandora loves her walks… currently 3-4 miles a day. She can sit and give a paw on command and she knows the command ” bedtime”  but sometimes objects with a little snarl if she’s not quite ready – putting herself to bed about 10 minutes later.

She is fine with older children as long as she is allowed to approach them, she does not like to be approached or stroked without her invitation. This applies to adults as well as children.

She is good with other dogs, generally a quick sniff then ignores them… she doesn’t seem to know how to interact by playing with them… have tried this off lead in the garden with a friendly dog, but after a sniff she retreated to under a garden chair and watched in disdain!

Pandora is very curious and an opportunist – she can be a counter/table thief if things are left in reach. She is learning not to do this and not to sit on dining chairs at the moment. Pandora will not tolerate wearing a winter coat or having her collar changed, this makes her very uncomfortable and she will react if pushed. She has one big daily issue that we’re still working on and that is that she hates being towelled dry – to avoid conflict, it’s kinder to allow her to dry out herself on her bed.

Pandora still has about a kilo to lose and spay is booked for early January.

For car travel, I use a harness and seatbelt clip. She’s not happy, whines a lot and tries to roam about on the seat but not carsick. She’s very hyper when she gets out of car, even on a short journey, probably excited to get on a lovely walk!

Pandora is very affectionate with me when she chooses – she cuddles up on settee with her face on mine. She brings toys to play tug but also likes her own space – she will leave my company to seek her own space. Pandora doesn’t like having affection forced on her by anyone, particularly if she doesn’t know them and if she hasn’t instigated it. With me, she walks away, for others she growls. If she seeks a space away and is approached by someone she doesn’t know well she will snarl. “


Pandora needs a home where her family will understand and respect her need for her own space and to take things very slowly. Adult only home, or homes with older children (13+) for Pandora please.

To adopt Pandora, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you