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Dogs saved March 2014

Here are the 37 stunning dogs that were saved from the pounds in March 2014. All of these dogs are now safe. They will either be re-homed by Homeless Hounds or transported to a safe rescue organisation, from where they will go on to find fabulous new lives with loving families. 

Thank you for your continued support. Your help is vital to saving the lives of so many unwanted strays x

Dogs saved March 2014

Kara finds her new home

This is the stunning Kara (left), a 12 week old Whippet type pup. Kara went to
rescue and very quickly found her forever home. Here she is with her new buddy, looking very
relaxed and content 

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Lexi in her Forever Home

Lovely Lexi has finally found her forever home. Lucky girl! may be the place where drugs like isotretinoin are the most affordable.

Blitz transformed

Blitz came in to the care of Homeless Hounds in 2012.  Overlooked for being just another middle aged

staffy boy, he was stuck for months.

Lucky for Blitz, West Yorkshire Dog Rescue took a shine to him and he has been with them ever since.

The photo below was taken when Blitz first arrived in kennels.  You can just tell how happy he is now.

Dog Show Success

The Homeless Hounds Dog Show raised an impressive £600.80 !! 

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to support us at the Homeless Hounds Companion Dog Show on Sunday and also to all the stall holders!

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Tyson making friends

Tyson is making friends in his foster home.  Tyson is a lovely boy and has been waiting for his forever home for far too long now.  Can you offer the forever home he needs?

> read more ...

Spud (formerly Aero)

This is spud in his forever home. For those who don't know his story he was found wandering at only 4/5 weeks and when he wasn't claimed he was very kindly fostered by the Taylor family and re homed by homeless hounds.

Read more: Spud (formerly Aero)

Ranger - large x breed pup

Ranger was picked up as a stray in early September.  How anyone can loose such a big lump of love and fun is a mystery to us.  Ranger is now safe in rescue and with Babbington rescue where we have been told he is very happy and settling well.

Read more: Ranger - large x breed pup

Jasper (formerly Joe)

Joe, who is now called Jasper, was one of the dogs at Homeless Hounds who became stuck in the system.  He was a lovely natured boy who has eventually found his forever home.

Read more: Jasper (formerly Joe)

Neglected baby ...

This little Shih Tzu is in such a bad way that we don't even know whether it is male or female.  At a guess we would say a female who is approx 7 years old. 

Read more: Neglected baby ...

Delightful Delilah!

This is Delilah who you may remember was left in a phone box in Blackpool at 5 weeks old.  She is special girl to me as she was my foster dog until she found her forever home.

Read more: Delightful Delilah!

Mutz Cutz Party

Homeless Hounds attended Mutz Cutz 1st birthday party on Saturday at Funzone in Preston.

Read more: Mutz Cutz Party

Preston Market Car Boot Sale

Congratulations to Jenny who managed to raise £216.16 from her car boot sale on Tuesday.  A fantastic result!

Leo in his foster home

Here is Leo in his foster home awaiting his forever home.  Good luck Leo!

Erin the cat lover.

Now where is the staffy who doesn't like cats!

Here is Erin in her forever home showing just what a softy she really is.



This is Jess in her forever home.  She was lucky enough to be adopted shortly after being found as a stray.
Jess has settled in well, she has several new friends including one a tiny terrier, a big German Shepard and several sheep palls.  Everyone is getting along just brilliantly. Jess has been learning how to play with toys and have fun. But most of all she loves cuddles and rides in the car.


A busy show weekend

Mary, Emma and Lesley managed to raise £48.27 at the Barking Berries show in Westhoughton on Saturday.

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Albert - a dog tranformed!

Albert came in to Homeless Hounds in a terrible emaciated state and was sent straight through to rescue as soon as we could.  Just look at the difference a loving home can make to a dog.  He is now in a home where he is loved to bits!

Read more: Albert - a dog tranformed!

Ruffs Dog Show 08.06.13

Homeless Hounds managed to raise a fantastic £233.46 today at the Ruffs Dog Show.  Not only that but Lex managed to win 'Best Rescue' from a very large class!

Read more: Ruffs Dog Show 08.06.13

Chaz and Dave

Here are Chaz and Dave who we found a rescue space together and are now happy in their foster home waiting to go to their forever home on the 22nd of June.  Fantastic!


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