We have had some sad stories with wonderful happy endings that we would like to share with you.  These happy endings are why we do the things we do.

Hear are some of the dogs we help in 2012


update from Twinkles new owner ...



Just wanted to share this with you.

Our local paper holds a Festive Pets competition each year, so here is Twinkle looking cute. Plus a bit of publicity!Merry Christmas!


Pippa (formerly Honey)


Update from Pippa's new owners ...


Thought I'd send you a photo of Pip for your website of her mammoth walk/run/swim in Cuerden Valley Park today. This photo was taken just before the muddy puddle paddling she indulged in … she's never keen on the resulting bath tho!

She's still such a happy bundle of joy and we want to thank you for giving us the chance to have her - its only been 5 weeks but she's firmly established as a member of our family.



Update from Max's new owner ...


Good morning, I thought you might like to see Max bonding with his new mate.

He has started to follow her around and they are getting on brilliantly. I can't remember what it was like before he moved in now. It's going great.




Gizmo is really settled now and knows loads of new tricks.He walks well off lead for me and Jean and is a very quick learner.This week he’s off to dog training. He obeys all our commands and gets plenty of long walks, he still comes up for fuss on my lap at night.Here he is in his water proof jacket out for country walk, what a lad.






Ben has settled in really well with his new family. Here he is enjoying a fun packed day at Beeston Castle.

It was supposed to tire him out but no chance! Places to go .. sniffs to sniff.





Here is Rita arriving at her new home. They adore her and she walks well. She is in the lap of luxury and has Big Daddy Sam the Rottie as company.





Rufus is now safe in rescue and has had a lovely day playing off lead with his new friends.

He is even making progress with his separation anxiety.



Yogi was with Homeless Hounds for longer than most as he developed a chest infection and later pneumonia. He spent time in isolation and was not a happy boy in kennels.

Yogi has now found his forever home and the smile says it all !!



From Yogi's new owner ...

"Hello everyone, just a quick update on yogi, he's settled in lovely and is being a really good boy. He's met my parents little dog and doesn't mind being dominated by it at all lol he's enjoying lots of walks and were gradually building up the length of them. We're still working on the length of time he's left but there is improvement and light at the end of the tunnel. Hope all is well with you and we look forward to your next open day xx"


Pinkerton Blue

This is Pinkerton who was the little Yorkshire Terrier described as the most agressive dog seen by Homeless Hounds to date. As we suspected, it turned out he was the most affectionate boy in the whole world, just terrified in the pound.

He went to rescue as has now been neutered, treated for fleas and worms, had a full dental clean and polish, visited the dog groomer, a new harness, a new collar and lead. Smartest little dog in town!

He had to take one pill of tramadolbest.com twice a day. He told that tramadolhealth.com acted faster than the common analgesics, and its effect lasted almost until the evening.



Little Hector was a Homeless Hounds dog who went to rescue and has now found his forever home.

It looks like he has landed right on his feet in his new home!





Beautiful Bonnie has now found her forever home and she looks a very happy girl indeed.





Ty-Z had waaaay too much fun in the woods this afternoon. Straight through the living room and into the garden! He is pictured looking a bit dejected just before his shower.

He is currently reclining on the sofa 'watching' Ireland play football. I'm Irish heritage, so that is his team of choice ;-) He really enjoyed the chicken necks he had for tea.


Teddy (formerly Bob)



Now who's a pretty boy then!

What a difference a trim makes. Meet Teddy the Border Terrier in his new home and what a happy chap he looks.



Update ...

Just wanted to give you an update on Joey. He is nice and settled now, he really has a soft spot for Ruth. He follows her all over the house and does what she tells him. Whereas he just sees me as one big toy to chew or sit on. Joey and the bunnies are getting on well. We went to the caravan for the first time last weekend and he loved it. He meet Bella (a friends dog) and they got on great running around and playing. He even went for a paddle in the lake which he enjoyed. We went to our first obedience class this week, which I was dreading because he is always pulling on the lead to get to other dogs when we're out on walks, but he was as good as gold and it went really well.




Poppy came in to us in a sad state and was a very tired old girl. She is about 14 and the pound was no place for this girl.


Update ...


"Some photos of our lovely little Poppy in her new home. Her ear is healing beautifully after the op and she has been amazing today - cadging bacon sandwiches, following Greyhound Merlin around and generally being a little star. I'm really thrilled that Cheryl has taken her - she will be loved to bits for whatever time she has left and that's what she deserves".




Max came in in a poor state with Millie, a Dobermann bitch who was pregnant.


Update from the rescue ...

Just to let you know, Max went home today with his new family who love him to bits already. He will be spending 6 months of the year in France at their second home and six months in Lincolnshire near the coast where he can play on the beach. I sometimes think these dogs get a better life than I do when they leave me!! Lucky devils.


Gizmo (formerly Champ)


Gizmo is really settled now and knows loads of new tricks.He walks well off lead for me and Jean and is a very quick learner.This week he’s off to dog training. He obeys all our commands and gets plenty of long walks, he still comes up for fuss on my lap at night.Here he is in his water proof jacket out for country walk, what a lad.



Roxy (formerly Pip)

Roxy is still a pupster and has found her forever home with her foster carer who fell in love.

Roxy has settled in well with her new friend Shadow the rotti and is enjoying long runs along the promenade and through the woods.

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Lottie with her new friend Lemmie

  Lottie was lucky enough to find herself adopted by Julie and her family who already owned a dog called Lemmie.

Here they are munching down on home made Homeless Hounds dog treats which we made to raise funds and Julie kindly bought a good few packs!!

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