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Gromit is Safe

This is Gromit on his way to a safe place in rescue.  He looks very happy about it as well, good luck Gromit!

Pendle Dog Show

Homeless hounds managed to raise a fantastic £111.52 today at Pendle Dog Show.  Well done to Chloe, Vicki, Danny, Nat and Mary who volunteered to support us.

Read more: Pendle Dog Show

Rescue Aid For Animals

Homeless Hounds would like to say a huge thank you to مؤشرات سوق الاسهم السعودي Rescue Aid For Animals who have donated £100 towards our monthly vet bills.  We have had a huge bill this month and are extremely grateful for the donation.

Stanley (formerly Sammy)

The lovely Stanley in his new home with his new friend.


Henrietta - formerly Tara

This is Tara (now Henrietta) out for a walk this morning with her new owner.  Henrietta is doing very well and is very demanding which is keeping his new owner June busy!  Both happy.

Read more: Henrietta - formerly Tara

Pickle in her new home

Here is a photo of pickle in his forever home, sat in front of the fire on his cushion chewing his toy.

Pickle is going of on his very first holiday soon with his new parents to help celebrate his dads birthday.  Pickle loves his long walks with his mum, we wish him luck.

Blackpool Street Collection

The Homeless Hounds street collection in Blackpool raised £131 today!  This money will be used to help pay for Doris the westie's cruciate ligament operation which has been an unexpected expense for us.

Read more: Blackpool Street Collection

Lancaster Animal Care Open Day

Homeless Hounds would like to say a big thank you to Lancaster Animal Care for inviting us to their open day yesterday. We managed to raise a brilliant £58.70!

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Update from Joey's forever home ...

We just thought we'd write and give you an update on Joey. He’s doing really well and has filled out now as you'll see from the photos I’ve attached. He is also, as Ruth puts it, becoming a little teenager –he’s started not getting up and saying goodbye to me in the morning when I leave for work, and sulking when he can’t have something, but apart from that he’s great. He’s very affectionate and has taken to falling asleep sprawled across us both on the sofa in the evening after he’s been out for a walk.
We took him to Cornwall on holiday and he loved the beach so much that we couldn’t go past a beach without him getting all excited and wanting to run around like a lunatic. Playing ball is his favourite game now and he watches over his ball like a hawk. He was very intrigued by the sea and wasn’t sure what to do so would just run at it, bark at the waves, then run away. He didn’t really like swimming it the sea but would have a paddle.

We are still going to obedience class (well it’s more like training really) and he’s passed his Bronze and Silver Good Citizen Award. We are going to try and get his Gold Good Citizen Award but I'll think we'll have to do a lot of extra training for this one. We have also started taking him to Dog Agility which is at the same place as the obedience classes. He loves going to Agility he gets so excited when he we turn into the road that leads up to the field. Joey’s a completely different dog when we get onto the course you’d be so surprised. Angela who runs the classes is amazed his progress. We’ve only trained on four of the obstacles so far and he’s picked them up with ease. I wish the same could be said for me, I seem to be allows going in the wrong direction and confusing Joey. We’ve got some videos of us doing agility I’ll have to try and compress them and send you some.



Update of Toby in his forever home...

After months of walking him, we finally brought our Puppy (Toby) home. He arrived with us on Christmas Eve and like any youngster didn't sleep a wink all night! He had his first Christmas dinner and was very overwhelmed with so many new things all at once. He has since settled in extremely well! He loves his food, he loves his snuggles, he loves to chase the squirrels and still loves to do his trademark bouncing! We have been to puppy obedience school and he is adapting well to his aversion to other dogs, we had our first outing off the lead with another puppy and he spent every opportunity to wrestle, race and play with his new friend Milo. He is very cheeky, and has really shown us his true colours, he constantly keeps us on our toes. We are yet to tire him out, he just keeps going and going. We have been through 3 leads, 2 beds and a whole lot of shoes but we wouldn't change him for the world! He's our little puppy and he makes our world complete! I can't recommend more giving one of these beautiful dogs a loving home, they deserve it more than anything.




 Update from Paws forever home ...

Just wanted to give you a quick update on paws.... He is now a year old, and it's safe to say he is definitely the 4th spoilt child in the house.

He is currently lay on the decking in the back garden soaking up the sun. He loves going for long walks down reddish vale - which is where he discovered he is petrified of ducks.  Hehe.  He is an amazing doggy, and much loved :-).

Sian and paws x




  This little girl has suffered so much in her short life but not any more.  She is now safe in a foster home with a rescue

Dougal ( formerly Hyde)

Hyde, who has been renamed Dougal has settled really well in his new home.
update from new owners ...

Dougal/Hyde is a complete joy to be with.

Here is a photo of him posing whilst out for his first pub lunch!

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update from Twinkles new owner ...



Just wanted to share this with you.

Our local paper holds a Festive Pets competition each year, so here is Twinkle looking cute. Plus a bit of publicity!Merry Christmas!


Pippa (formerly Honey)


Update from Pippa's new owners ...


Thought I'd send you a photo of Pip for your website of her mammoth walk/run/swim in Cuerden Valley Park today. This photo was taken just before the muddy puddle paddling she indulged in … she's never keen on the resulting bath tho!

She's still such a happy bundle of joy and we want to thank you for giving us the chance to have her - its only been 5 weeks but she's firmly established as a member of our family.



Update from Max's new owner ...


Good morning, I thought you might like to see Max bonding with his new mate.

He has started to follow her around and they are getting on brilliantly. I can't remember what it was like before he moved in now. It's going great.




Gizmo is really settled now and knows loads of new tricks.He walks well off lead for me and Jean and is a very quick learner.This week he’s off to dog training. He obeys all our commands and gets plenty of long walks, he still comes up for fuss on my lap at night.Here he is in his water proof jacket out for country walk, what a lad.






Ben has settled in really well with his new family. Here he is enjoying a fun packed day at Beeston Castle.

It was supposed to tire him out but no chance! Places to go .. sniffs to sniff.





Here is Rita arriving at her new home. They adore her and she walks well. She is in the lap of luxury and has Big Daddy Sam the Rottie as company.





Rufus is now safe in rescue and has had a lovely day playing off lead with his new friends.

He is even making progress with his separation anxiety.



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