*** Theo is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Theo, Thank you ***


Theo is looking for his forever home due to a change in family circumstances. He’s a happy, confident little fellow. Theo is a bright and alert boy who greets you with a waggy tail and a bounce in his step. At home he is settled and affectionate. He gives the best cuddles and makes a wonderful sofa buddy but he does have some guarding issues that will require understanding and consistent handling.


Theo has got into the habit of guarding some items that don’t belong to him – mainly things that drop onto the floor. He has bitten when people have tried to remove items from his grasp. This is solved by ensuring that you remain calm, do not chase and instead offer something lovely in exchange for his contraband. Once he realises that there is no fun in running off with the stolen item, the novelty wears off and he leaves it behind. For this reason, we cannot place Theo in a home with children or visiting children.

Loud cars and nearby barking dogs can make Theo join in with a bit of barking but he soon goes quiet once the other noise has stopped. He sleeps happily in his crate (even if the crate door is open, he chooses to stay in his little den) and he can be left home alone for a few hours.

Theo enjoys playing with his toys and bounces into action at the chance of a game of fetch! He’s a good boy at bath time and he loves being toweled down and brushed. Watch out whilst you’re sweeping up though – Theo will bark at the brush and try to attack it! Theo is well behaved around his food and chews, he doesn’t guard those and he isn’t greedy.

Theo is house trained. On occasion he might let a wee sneak out if he hasn’t been taken outside for a while because he hasn’t quite worked out a way to let you know when he needs to go. Regular toilet breaks should sort that.

Out on walks, Theo is very reactive around other dogs. It’s hard to tell if he is being aggressive or whether he is just lacking in social practice. In June of this year, Theo was barking at dogs and wriggling around so much that he slipped out of his harness and was hit by a car. He was given a full check over by the vets and given a clean bill of health, but this scared his owners so much that they have been reluctant to walk him since then. Theo needs a family who will respect his issues around other dogs and try to walk him in quiet areas or at quiet times of the day. This will make everyone feel more relaxed and Theo will thank you for it! And a regular walking routine will help Theo lose a bit of weight.

Theo does walk at the end of his lead but he isn’t a strong boy. He adores sniffing! He takes in all the smells on every blade of grass and lampost. Theo will always need to stay on his lead in any areas where there may be other dogs – we cannot risk any accidents.┬áHe will bark and lunge at cats on walks, so we can assume that he won’t make a good house mate for our feline friends.

To adopt Theo, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you