***Archie is now RESERVED, we are no longer accepting applications, thank you***

Archie is new to Homeless Hounds and has gone into a foster home where he is being loved and cared for.

This is what his foster mummy has to say about him:

It’s my delight to introduce you to our darling handsome young boy Archie, a loveable puppy who is a Terrier Type approximately 10-12 months old.  I have been very fortunate to foster him recently.

He is an affectionate, loveable boy who is nervous but curious of the world which he is learning to explore and embrace with his big soft heart. He is so friendly with everyone he meets including dogs, cats and small furries. He doesn’t react to children but he needs to learn to calm down as can get quite mouthy when over-excited.
His toilet-training is going very well and he’s virtually there bless him.  He tolerates baths but not keen on them!  His favourite toy are his Kong ribbon stuffed with treats as he’s food-orientated with which keeps him occupied. His interactive toy he loves is a tugging rope/toy and sometimes he growls gently when playing tug with him.   
Archie is very good in the back seat of a car with a doggy seatbelt clip for security.  When we go out for walks he doesn’t pull that much and holds back if you say wait.  He has learnt to sit with a little repetition and his name which includes when waiting to cross the road.
He learns very quickly as he’s eager to please his hooman’s !
Archie gets spooked by sudden noises (i.e garage door) and will wood in alarm but with a word of reassurance he soon ignores it. He’s not scared of the vacuum cleaner but likes to mouth the head of it a little!
He becomes very trusting and attached to you easily and whimpers if left closed in a room on his own but we’re working on his reassurance he’s safe on his own.  He’s not keen on his tail being touched at present.  As a puppy he gets over-excited a lot and gets mouthy and nippy when he gets too excited to which I say ouch, stand up and ignore him and this calms him back down.
All-in-all Archie is generally a very loving and gentle boy who has such a lot of love to give to a family, preferably with older children.





To adopt Archie, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.

Thank you

Male ~ Medium Sized Terrier Type ~ Approx 10-12 Months Old ~ Dog & Cat Friendly ~ New to Homeless Hounds & Under Assessment