Barbara is ready to meet you if you’ve got an active lifestyle and love getting stuck into dog training. You might be the perfect match for each other!

Barbara is quite strong willed and she’s an intelligent girl, so she needs a family who are on their toes and ready for a cheeky housemate! She’s an independent little soul and not demanding of affection – she’ll come for polite cuddles when she’s ready, otherwise she’s happy to lay on the floor and enjoy her own space, daydreaming and watching the world go by!


Barbara has been in kennels for a long time and she really needs the luxury and stability of a home lifestyle now. We can see that Barbara is stressed living in kennels – she doesn’t get the level of interaction that she craves and she needs a routine in a calmer home environment. When Barbara goes on long walks away from the noise of the kennels, you can feel her relaxing and she starts to show her mellow, carefree side.

We’re looking for an adult only home, or a home with older teenagers because Barbara is lively and boisterous and likely to cause tumbles with younger children. She is a mouthy doggy and sometimes this can hurt, even though that’s not her intention. Barbara will try to grab her harness and her lead, and sometimes your arm too if she’s particularly excitable. This is a behaviour that we see the most when we’re getting her out of her kennel ready to go on a walk – we suspect that it is related to the frustration she experiences at living in the kennels because she is so much calmer once she’s down the road. Barbara is food orientated and can be redirected to calm behaviours – this requires a big pocket full of tiny treats and confident, calm and consistent handling. Barbara feeds off her handler’s reactions – so if she is given clear guidelines for appropriate behaviour and offered consistent praise and rewards for being a good girl, she understands and works well for her tasty treats.

There are some great dog trainers on YouTube whose videos you can watch to help with training – without using intimidation, just focusing on solid techniques and rewarding all the progress she makes. We can also give you details of local trainers who can work with you to help resolve her mouthing.

Barbara, like quite a few dogs, is not keen on reflective fabrics on outdoor clothing (like postal uniforms for eg) and has shown aggression to people wearing reflective clothing. Please be aware of this and be cautious around people in uniforms etc

Whilst Barbara enjoys long walks and loves playing fetch with balls, she won’t need to climb a mountain every day – she needs a couple of decent one hour walks combined with some mental stimulation in the form of basic training or perhaps adding extra fun into her routine with some scenting or foraging games.

Barbara is very curious with passing dogs on walks. She pulls hard to get near them but she can be distracted and controlled with your good timing and some of those delicious sausages you’ve got tucked in your treat bag!



To adopt Barbara, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.
Thank you