***Benji is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Benji, thank you***


Poor Benji was found as a stray and was very underweight. He’s getting plenty of food and treats now and starting to gain weight – his body and coat condition will continue to improve when he’s comfy and settled in his forever home.

Benji is a calm boy on walks. He pootles along, spending a lot of time sniffing and watching. He can pull on the lead sometimes, but he’s not unmanageable. He walks past other dogs and people without a care in the world, even if the other dogs are barking at him. He’s a really laid back boy! As you might expect from a sighthound type, Benji’s head will turn if he spots anything running, whether that’s small wildlife or other dogs having fun – he just likes to watch but you can imagine that if he was off the lead, he’d be running in their direction!

Benji is incredibly food orientated – he LOVES treats and will take one after another after another. This is great for keeping or gaining his attention, and it’s so handy for training him to do all the good things.

Benji will sit at every given opportunity, you don’t even need to ask, because he knows that if he offers a beautiful sit, he’ll get a fabulous treat in return. Smart lad.

Benji enjoys playing with toys – he can jump super high to catch a ball and he will drop it after he’s chewed it a little. He also enjoys tuggy games but he might misjudge where the toy ends and your hand begins, so be careful and try to encourage calm play games to avoid getting him over stimulated.

Benji is polite and calm with his cuddles, he’ll make a great lazy sofa buddy after a long walk.

Benji has previously lived with another dog and he is house trained.


To adopt Benji, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you