*** Biggie is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Biggie. Thank you”

Biggie is living in one of our amazing foster homes. This is what Biggie’s foster carer says about him…

“Biggie has a personality to match his name – he is a gorgeous happy boy. Poor Biggie has had a rough few years but has shown remarkable resilience and still loves life. You can see in the photos that he has scared ears from historic ear infections that were left untreated. His ears don’t cause him any discomfort anymore.

Biggie is quite an independent little man, he’s very happy being in his own company and after initially giving you a big greeting he happily wanders off to chill on his own. He isn’t needy of attention and is happy to be left. He settles well at night, we hear nothing from him until we wake up to let him out.

Biggie has possession issues with his toys and bed  – sometimes will lunge without warning. It is very important his new owner is respectful to his needs/ways. Biggie is confused about how to play with toys and will lunge to bite if you try to interact with him (even though he is desperately trying to entice you to play). Please note that he has bitten in this situation and we are working to encourage calm behaviour around toys. Apart from short training sessions, all toys have been removed and if necessary, we’ll keep it that way so that Biggie can relax and not feel the need to be confrontational. Biggie also displays signs of guarding around his bed and has given us subtle clues that he is not happy at our proximity to ‘his area’. With these things in mind Biggie needs a quiet, adult only home, without any visiting children.

Biggie loves his walks more than anything! He loves to sniff every blade of grass that has a scent and is always excited for the next part of his walk. He loves a paddle too, scooping up the water in his mouth along the way. He is quite strong on the lead, we have done a little training on a training lead with him and he has come back for treats but not always. I’m sure with extra time and continued practice, Biggie will do well at recall.

Biggie loves the car and happily jumps in for a ride, he sits nicely for the journey. He greets dogs nicely on his walks and hasn’t shown any aggression but he is more interested in finding new smells than playing with other dogs.

At home, Biggie sits nicely whilst his food is prepared and takes treats very gently, instantly showing off his ‘sit’ and awaiting his reward. Biggie is house trained and can be left happily for a few hours but expect big kisses on your arrival home!

Biggie will make an amazing companion. He needs a pet free, adult only home (due to his guarding issues) with an experienced dog owner who will be sympathetic to his needs and committed to keep up with his training.”

Please note that we will not consider rehoming Biggie to a home without demonstrable previous experience. Successful applicants will also need to commit to seeking professional behaviour advice to help Biggie overcome the hang-ups he has from his previous life. Thank you


To adopt Biggie, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you