Daphne is a lovely 4 year old French Bull Dog. She loves to be close to her humans and she will ask for attention by nuzzling to invite strokes, tickles and cuddles. She’s happy to settle on the sofa or in her own designated favourite place and she likes an afternoon snooze on her owner’s knee!

Daphne is obedient and is used to being asked to “ sit” before being fed or given treats. She likes to watch her food being prepared and will happily supervise all cooking in the kitchen! Daphne is fairly good with her housetraining and will tell you by nuzzling when she wants to toilet. She will happily go to toilet in the garden but likes her human to stay around until she’s finished and expects a tasty treat by way of reward! She may have the odd accident if left for more than a couple hours.

Daphne loves frozen carrots, bananas and peanut butter (strictly xylitol free please) in her Kong bone which keeps her occupied if her owner goes out. Her favourite premium treat is Primula cheese! She loves her toys and will play for hours with her favourite bone. She is on a grain and wheat free diet which suits her sensitive stomach. Daphne can be left for around 3 hours a day – but not longer- as she likes human company. If she is left she likes classical music to be played – she seems to find it calming.

She travels well in the car and can go very long distances without any issue. Daphne likes her food but she can be very greedy. She will steal food if it is left out. For this reason, we don’t think Daphne should be rehomed in any household with children under 14. If food is waved around at low levels, Daphne will snatch at it.

Daphne is definitely NOT dog friendly. She dislikes other dogs and gets stressed if walked in close proximity. She will lunge at them and should not in any circumstances be allowed to get too close. Daphne is best walked in quiet areas and at quieter times of day. Daphne is easily overstimulated by excessive human attention and whilst she likes to be the centre of attention, it is best to wait until Daphne invites stroking, cuddling etc to avoid her getting overexcited.

She is best suited to a quieter home with perhaps one or two adults and where there are therefore less comings and goings. She can be reactive indoors to certain activity outside and to some sounds but is fine about fireworks provided she is kept indoors. She hates mops, vacuum cleaners and brooms. She is best kept in a crate with her toys whilst cleaning is ongoing.






To adopt Daphne, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.

Thank you