***Groot is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Groot, thank you ***


Groot is currently living with one of our amazing foster carers. This is how they describe him…

…”There isn’t too much I can tell you about Groot as he spends around 23 hours a day asleep! Groot hasn’t had a great start in life. He’s a kind soul looking for a home where he can spend his days dozing on the sofa.

On the rare occasion Groot is awake he is usually eating or on a walk. Groot walks lovely on the lead and just plods along next to you. He does however get excited when he sees other dogs and will want to pull you over to say Hi! When Groot pulls he is extremely strong due to his size (currently 60kgs) – he is responsive when you tell him “no” however he will need someone strong who can control him. We are looking for a confident owner for Groot with large breed experience, this isn’t because Groot is naughty but he will need someone who will take charge. He can be a nervous pup and unsure of new experiences, he needs an owner who will encourage and guide him.

Groot is currently living with a 5 month old puppy and has met other dogs out and about. Groot loves other dogs! The only reason he doesn’t say hi to every dog is due to his size, Groot is a big boy. This makes some pet owners nervous (understandably!) when he comes bounding over. He has been great with the dogs he has been able to spend time with – he will share his treats and have a quick play. Groot isn’t interested in toys – he is even scared of the squeaky ones! He loves treats though – the meatier the better, he isn’t overly interested in things like markies or gravy bones he would much prefer a rabbit ear or some liver. Despite Groot’s size he doesn’t need lots of exercise, he is happy with a 40 minute walk a day and then to go straight back to sleep when he’s home.

I cannot stress enough how lazy and laid back Groot is, or how big he is. The one downfall of Groot’s size is he gets a lot of attention when he is out and about. Which would be fine but Groot is nervous around new people. People approaching him for the first time puts him on edge and he will bark, which is enough to send 99% of people running away. There is a quick fix, Groot will love anyone who gives him good treats (a dentastick just won’t cut it – but if they are armed with some cooked chicken he will very quickly stop the barking). This is part of Groot’s nature, he is a guarding breed with a nervous personality. Once you’ve let him know the new people are safe and he has been given a reward for being friendly he calms right down. Groot will act the same in the house too. Once a new person has been introduced with a treat and a walk he will be your best friend.

Groot is a gentle giant, he is very patient and tolerant and could live happily with another dog. He couldn’t however live with any other small furries, as he will likely chase them. Groot could maybe live with older children however due to his size would not suit a home with small children. If you’re looking for a sleepy, drooly giant to join your family then Groot is the dog for you!”

Groot is currently underweight for his breed at 60kgs. When he has gained weight he will be around 80kg.


To adopt Groot, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you