***Herbie is now RESERVED, we are no longer accepting applications, thank you***

Herbie our little pocket rocket is a tiny little fella weighing about 3kg. He’s around 5 years old and a small crossbreed.
He has a wonderful, playful nature and is very lively, affectionate and intelligent. He has already worked out that if he climbs onto a worktable by a door he can get close to the door handle and tries to flick it down, then jumps onto the floor and puts his paw in the gap to get out of the room.
He’s a burrower, not outside in the garden, but loves to burrow under a blanket, curl up and sleep, or play hide and seek with his favourite toy – a squeaky ball that seems too big for him, but he can run and catch it and sometimes is happy to bring it straight back. He licks a lot, wags his tail a lot and barks a lot. He has learned to be a little more patient and has learned a few more commands.
He knows sit, stay, down, walk, look, wait (for a treat) beg and round (he can go round in a circle, though he’s only just learning this). He has excellent recall off leash in the park and stays fairly close to you. On leash he can bark at other dogs. He has been in foster in a multi dog household and was no trouble.
He’s lovely around kids, but a noisy household with small children is probably not the best for him, he’s so excitable.

He does get very attached to his humans and would prefer not to be left on his own for long.

Herbie would make a good agility dog as he would love the mental stimulation, adore the running around and meeting people and other dogs.
He’s very well house trained, sleeps like a baby and snores! He’s fine with cats he knows, finds chickens fun to sniff and will tell you if he finds a hedgehog or squirrel (though they are fun to chase), he stops at that. He’s a great ‘alert’ dog so you’ll know if anyone’s at the door.
He loves his food and will steal yours if you leave it unattended, but once told ‘leave it’ he will. He’s not fussy, eating almost anything we give him. He currently has three meals a day which suits him better than two larger ones.



To adopt Herbie, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.

Thank you

Male ~ Crossbreed ~ 5 Years Old ~ Loves People ~ Dog Friendly ~ Cat Friendly ~ Fully House Trained ~ Currently In Foster