Ivy is living with one of our amazing foster carers. This is how Ivy’s foster carer describes her…

…” Ivy is a chatty Saluki girl and will answer if you talk to her, This how she gets your attention if she wants something, which is adorable. She’ll settle if she’s told to though.

Whoever gets to adopt her will be very lucky. Ivy is a little bit reactive to dogs she sees out on walks but this is quite mild and fairly easily manageable one on one and she’s made great progress with me (and chicken!). She will bark at off-lead dogs and stamp her feet but she does calm down quickly once they’ve passed.

She had mild separation anxiety when she arrived but she settled with that quite quickly. She’s left with Dex (the resident dog) mostly but has been left on her own for a couple of hours a few times without much issue – just the first 5-10 minutes quietly whining until she settled, should improve with practice but no major worry.

She walks beautifully on the lead, does bark at other dogs and some strangers but is fairly easily distracted with high value treats, relaxes quickly after controlled dogs have walked passed and she’s shown improvement in the last few weeks.

Ivy’s 100% clean in the house – she’ll ask to go out to toilet. Ivy doesn’t chew, damage toys or steal food. She travels beautifully and has perfect manners walking through doors etc.

Ivy has probably been used as a rabbiting dog in the past and is very keen so I don’t think I’d let her off-lead unless in a very secure dog field. She’s a very lazy girl – a couple of 20 min walk is enough, 45 min a bit too much.

Ivy does 100% need a home where she’s allowed to sleep on the sofa and cuddle. She’s a super sweet, gentle girl who can be anxious of strangers (particularly men) but has shown no signs of aggression and with reassurance now lets them stroke her.

Ivy is not possessive of food or toys, but she will give a warning yap if Dex comes near her bowl. She potentially would be OK with another sight hound in the house – other breeds worry her but she’s been fine with most sight hounds she’s met. She wants a very close bond with her owner.

She will literally do anything you ask her – she’s still quite worried she’ll get something wrong bless her. Ivy needs lots of reassurance and praise to keep building on her confidence. She needs to be treated like the princess she is”


To adopt Ivy, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you