Kali is wary of new people but quickly warms up when she knows you want to be her friend. She’s quite a large girl but not huge.

Kali can come across as stand-off-ish at first but there is a gentle soul under the bravado. When Kali came into Homeless Hounds she came with her two sons. She’s shown protective behaviour around her boys despite them both being much bigger than her! Kali clearly has a caring nature and looks after those she loves. (Kali and her sons are all looking for separate homes). We think Kali would be best suited to a calmer house without lots of comings and goings.

Kali has taken new things in her stride and mastered getting in and out the car after one trip. Initially, when she was walking with her sons, she was very reactive around other dogs but she has since been walked separately and she’s much better. Kali sat in a very busy vets office, calmly observing the other dogs around her. One did get a little too close for comfort (around 3ft away) and she gave a warning growl but settled when told. Kali cannot live with other animals but she can be around them on walks without issue, provided they respect her personal space!

Kali walks nicely on her lead and has been clean her kennel which suggests that she is house trained. She listens and follows everything you ask from her and once new family members have earned her trust she will be the perfect dog.

One of Kali’s sons, Point, who is the other dog in the videos.

To adopt Kali, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.

Thank you