Marcus is new to Homeless Hounds and this lucky boy has gone straight into a foster home where he can live a normal life before getting his forever home.

Marcus (affectionately called Bruiser by his foster mum) is 1-2 year old tan male French Bull Dog

It doesn’t take long for Marcus to make himself at home. He is very sociable and becomes your best friend straight away.
He gives lots of loves, licks and kisses and is an extremely affectionate boy.
He always likes to be near you no matter what you are doing and loves bum massages and chin tickles.
He is not interested in toys or balls but he is very interested in food. The only commands he knows are “sit”, and whilst he does not yet give paw, he would be easily trained with a bit of fresh chicken. He is always in a happy mood and has never been grumpy

He has been bathed by his foster mum and seems to enjoy the soapy warm water and all the fuss. He had fun being towel dried. He likes water, running in and out of the sea and goes crazy when the garden hose spray is on, that’s his favourite game

He is house trained. He was taken into the garden regularly and knew to do his business there.

He gets excited when putting his lead on and loves his walks and does not get tired even after an hour. Marcus is very focussed on his walks, strutting ahead of you but he always has his eye out for other dogs and starts pulling when he sees one. He is quite reactive no matter what size dog he sees and will try to make a bee line for them.
For this reason Marcus is best as the only dog in the home – he is as yet untested with cats.

He has been left alone in the house for only half an hour and was asleep when we got back. He does not bark much, sometimes loud noises like the hairdryer or blender or seeing animals on the TV make him bark.

He sleeps very well in his crate from 10pm to 7am without so much as a whimper and is the most excitable happy boy greeting you in the morning.
He has the odd doze during the day and likes to lie in the sunshine. He is not bored as long as he is with you, he does not need to play all the time but does spontaneously give bursts of affection demanding hugs in return


To adopt Marcus, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.

Thank you