*** Milo is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Milo, thank you ***

Milo is a male Jack Russell Terrier.  Milo has snapped at people visiting his home and we think it is probably because they approach him before he is comfortable. We ask that Milo’s new family are understanding and respectful of this, and create an environment where Milo feels relaxed and confident. He would benefit from his own little safe space to retreat to and visitors keeping a good distance. For this reason, we would like Milo to live in an adult only home, to prevent any mishaps with enthusiastic children.

Milo has not really been socialised with other dogs, he seems scared of them and he is not at all happy in kennels. However, on a recent walk with one of the volunteers, Milo met a few dogs and he was brilliant He met three dogs of different breeds and sizes – he walked with them for a while and loved being with them all. He was the perfect dog, so with more positive social experiences, Milo will hopefully continue to settle in the company of other dogs.

Milo loves his walks and is good on the lead.  Milo does not like having anything round his neck.  Milo does jump up when you stroke him and he loves his treats.