***Sky is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Sky, thank you***

Beautiful Sky has been with Homeless Hounds for a number of weeks, when she first came to us she was in a bad state and luckily enough she went straight into foster where she could recuperate. We are glad to say she has come on leaps and bounds and is ready for her forever home.

This is what her foster daddy has to say about this gorgeous girl:

Sky is a pocket sized German Shepherd. She is lovely, long haired, very petite (like a puppy). Sky was rescued at the end of January. She was found abandoned in a very malnourished and dirty condition, so we don’t know much about her early history.

She arrived scruffy, ungroomed, and underweight but a good bath and expert grooming revealed a pretty little girl… currently with a fluffy longish coat due to the intense clean-up. We think she will eventually have a glossy, mainly black long-haired coat. She currently has shaved areas on both flanks from her neutering operation. She has a very, very good appetite and has gained much needed weight (4 kg) in her first two weeks of foster but probably needs to add 5-6 kilos to get to peak condition… but she is already losing the skinny look.

Because she had been starved, she is a “food thief and a skilled “counter surfer”. This is a decreasing issue as she gets used to the fact that she gets ample feeding without having to nick it! … but if you want that roast chicken for yourself – keep it out of reach. She is responding to being told to “Leave” when she takes something she shouldn’t.

She is a super, lovable dog – very friendly with people and wants to introduce herself to any dogs she meets. She will jump up but is improving – we simply say nothing and turn our backs to her. She doesn’t appear to have an aggressive bone in her body except in noisy play and gets on well with the other large dogs where she is currently fostered. She knows which dogs will play and wrestle with her but can sound a bit over the top whilst playing.

She arrived not knowing her name (it was on her chip registration) but responded to it within two days. She also responds well to treat training and knows “Sit, wait etc “and will sit by her food bowl briefly before diving in! Because she was starved, her enthusiasm for food means she wolfs down her food and then looks to clear up anything left by the other dogs – so we feed her separately until the others stop eating…and then she vacuums up the few leftovers! We feed a salmon based sensitive kibble with a little water added and tinned tuna or dog meat.

We housetrained her by frequent toilet break opportunities supported by lots of praise and instant giving of treats and she has responded well to this positive reinforcement, but it will need to be continued. She is clean overnight but needs to be let out and left out first thing and after meals.

She can be a bit snatchy when taking treats, so we offer in a closed hand and say “gentle” until she calms and takes it nicely. Treats can be kibble, dog biscuits or liver cake.

She loves walks with her pack but can pull a bit – usually because she wants to be at the front ahead of the others. We use a front fastening harness if she doesn’t stop pulling but she’s beginning to understand “Heel” and will sit and wait at the kerb with a little encouragement. She can be a little wary of being walked alone and clearly is happy to be back home with the others.

Sky is not reactive to dogs on walks but will try to pull towards them to say hello! She is enthusiastic in play with toys and will happily investigate everything in the toybox and spread them around the room. She actively seeks out “Nyla bone” type chews from the box. We have just begun long lead training to develop recall, but this will need to be worked on for some time. Considering the disgusting state she was in when found, she tolerates grooming quite well. The groomer who did such a great job cleaning her up, said she wasn’t a fan of being bathed!

She can be left in the house on her own (isolated in the kitchen) but prefers being with the other dogs. As far as we know and have seen so far, she is fine with children but the food snatching and jumping up needs to be trained out of her. She could happily co-exist with other dogs. We haven’t had chance to see her with cats but could be tested if necessary. She is chipped, fully vaccinated and has been treated for any internal and external parasites. Sky will make someone a lovely pet but will need someone willing to work with her playful nature.


To adopt Sky, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.

Thank you

Female ~ Petite German Shepherd ~ 3 Years Old ~ Dog Friendly ~ House Trained ~ Friendly & Lovable ~ Currently in Foster