Where are you based?

Our kennels are on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. Please email contactus@homelesshounds.org.uk if you plan to visit, because our kennels are not open for visitors without an appointment. We work with dog pounds across Lancashire and have connections with reputable rescues nationwide.

What are pound dogs?

Pound dogs have found themselves in the dog pound, usually because they have been found straying. Dogs are taken to the pound by the Dog Warden in order for their owner to trace them and claim them back. Pound dogs are kept for 7 days and then they become at risk of Put to Sleep, because no-one is paying their fees and their kennel is needed to accommodate the new strays that come in daily. Homeless Hounds will collect these dogs and bring them to the safety of our kennels or foster homes to be assessed and given appropriate medical treatment before they are rehomed

How to I adopt a dog?

If you are considering adopting one of our beautiful Homeless Hounds dogs, the first step is to read our Adoption Policy and then complete the Adoption Application form. This tells us a bit about you and what you are looking for in your new family addition.

At Homeless Hounds we like to make the best match possible for both you and the dog, so please don’t worry if your first application is not successful. We take extra care as we do not want dogs being returned because this is stressful for all concerned. At Homeless Hounds we believe that there is the right dog for everyone

Why do you request an adoption donation?

When dogs come into the care of Homeless Hounds we have no record of their previous medical history and an extremely high percentage of the dogs are are not neutered.
The following costs are presuming that the dog has no current medical conditions which require treatment.
Typical costs for a dog:  
Neutering £120 – £425 (depending on male or female, size, etc)
Full Vaccinations £67.00
Microchipping £12.00

Total £199.00 – £504.00
Plus kennel costs at £10 per night
Some dogs will require significant additional health care for conditions that have been previously left untreated (which are not included in the above summary).

When you adopt a dog from Homeless Hounds you have the peace of mind knowing that:

  • The dog you have been selected to adopt has been assessed by us and matched to your family and living conditions via a home check.
  • The dog will have been vet checked and the above vet treatments will have been carried out*
  • Homeless Hounds dogs come with a home trial period where you are able to get to know your dog and see if you are the perfect match.
  • All our dogs come with lifetime backup from Homeless Hounds.

* On occasion, a dog will be rehomed with a neutering condition in the adoption contract. This is followed up by us.

Sometimes we get a dog who has been chipped and neutered already and is in perfect health. Any money from the adoption donation from these dogs, goes towards the many other dogs who are in our care.

How are you funded?

Our work is funded entirely by peoples kind donations and our own fundraising events. Our trustees are unpaid and do not receive any expenses, so every penny goes towards saving dogs lives.

If you feel you would like to contribute, please visit our Donate page.
For ideas on holding your own fundraiser, please click here