Dog Walking

What do dogs love more than anything in the world?
No, not sausages! Walkies!

Daily walks help to reduce the stress the dogs feel whilst living in kennels. Walks relieve boredom, offers a change of scenery, keep them in good physical condition and provides the one to one contact time they crave.

Homeless Hounds is blessed with a team of caring volunteers who regularly visit the kennels to walk the dogs. They build amazing relationships with the dogs, often becoming best of friends. Our volunteers’ kindness helps the dogs in our care to learn that humans can be trusted and that they are not alone. All the dogs adore their walkies!

Taking in the scenery

What is involved?

If you can spare an hour or two on a regular basis, and you would like to enrich the dogs’ lives, we would love to hear from you. We will offer you training and encourage you to buddy-up with an experienced dog walker on your first visit, so you can learn the ropes. The kennels are located in a lovely area of the Fylde Coast, with scenic walks on the doorstep.

We can provide you with treats, poo bags and leads, we just need you to bring enthusiasm and love!

Forging incredible relationships

Join the team!

Send an email to to let us know you are interested in volunteering as a Dog Walker and we will be in touch.

A chance to unwind and relax