Meet the Team

Homeless Hounds is a small volunteer run rescue – the Trustees and volunteers are involved far beyond their title roles. The teams’ skills are interchangeable and their combined experience has successfully helped over a thousand dogs find wonderful homes

Mary – Trustee and Rescue Coordinator
Mary is in constant contact with other rescues trying to secure spaces for dogs who need our help,
when we are at full capacity
Mary also arranges the transport runs to get the dogs to rescue
Nat – Trustee and Treasurer
As the Treasurer, Nat manages the book keeping and
ensures that the charity’s finances and kennels are
running smoothly. Nat also applies for any
grants from community schemes
Pete – Trustee and Kennel Manager
Pete is the manager of Briarcliffe Kennels which
is run by Homeless Hounds.
All the profits from the kennels goes to help stray and abandoned dogs who find themselves in the dog pound
Emma – Trustee and Secretary
Emma is the Homeless Hounds Secretary and Advocacy Support
Pauline – Adoption Coordinator
Pauline arranges for potential adopters to meet suitable dogs and then oversees the smooth transition to adoption and beyond
Chloe – Fundraising Coordinator
Chloe coordinates and organises the fundraising events hosted by Homeless Hounds.
Leigh – Assistant Kennel Manager
Leigh is hands on with the dogs and the maintenance of the kennels. Pete and Leigh have been instrumental in winning the affection of hundreds of nervous newbies
Nicola – Administrator
Nicola arranges all the veterinary appointments and manages the adoption application process