Transport the Dogs

Homeless Hounds dogs regularly need transporting to and from vet appointments and we rely on our team of volunteers to help out with this element of their care. These transport runs are usually relatively short distances, from the kennels to one of our supporting vet practices.

In addition to vet transport runs, some dogs are offered places in other rescues which are located across the country. In these instances, the transport is usually completed by a chain of volunteers who each take a section of the route and at a selected change over point, the dog is passed to the next link and the chain continues. This type of transport run is a vital part of our work behind the scenes, it ensures that the dogs who need our help are given the security of a reputable rescue, when we have run out of kennel space to accommodate them.

If you have a vehicle that is suitable to securely transport dogs and would like to volunteer for transport runs, please send an email to to offer your help. Fuel costs can be covered if requested.