***Amber is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for Amber, thank you ***


Amber is currently living with one of our amazing foster carers, this is how she describes her…

…”We have loved fostering Amber who has settled into family life very well. Amber is a beautiful puppy with a lovely temperament, we think she is a Labrador mixed with some sight hound and Staffy – she is a lovely looking dog and attracts a lot of attention, you can’t have a quick walk with Amber because people stop you to comment on how beautiful she is. When meeting people she is often submissive especially around children and women and she loves having her belly rubbed. Around men of a larger statue or men who are of a larger statue she can be nervous around and she does try to pull back and slip from her collar which is why Amber will require to be walked with a harness. Amber has enjoyed walks with our neighbours’ dogs’ and she was well behaved taking the lead otherwise she did pull. When in the house she likes to look out of the window and barks at any passing dogs and because she wants to play. She has made friends with post man and doesn’t bark when the doorbell rings.

We would love to adopt her but unfortunately, she has a reasonably high pray drive, and is obsessed with our rabbits and leaps over a small fence to get to their cage.  Amber has been brilliant with our children who are aged 7 and 13, they have loved taking her for walks and looking after her. Our youngest doesn’t always like dogs jumping up at, but when Amber does jump up at him it doesn’t phase him, but he is experienced around dogs.  Amber obsession with our rabbits has unfortunately resulted in her snapping our daughter’s hand when she went to remove her using her collar from the rabbit cage, this behaviour has not been shown at any other time other than when in pray mode and if we didn’t have the rabbits’ we would be looking to adopt her.

Amber’s toilet training has improved but due to obsession with our rabbits this has been a struggle for us.  Amber definitely requires a home with an enclosed garden, ideally with grass due to the fact she does not like to go to the toilet while on the lead. We only ever walk Amber on a lead and she will only occasional wee while out on a walk.  Amber is walked for an hour in a morning and around thirty minutes at night.  During the first 24 hours with us she was out for three hours and didn’t go to the toilet as she is so inquisitive to explore her new environment.

Amber is a quick learner and in the short time we have been fostering Amber she has learned to sit and wait, and she can now do this for a few seconds when we leave the room and even when we go in the garden. When giving her food she now sits and waits without verbal instruction for her food. She enjoys playing fetch and will happily return the ball.  She has showed no interest in the bins and although she does rest her paws on the kitchen units (which we discourage) she has had the opportunity to take food but she hasn’t so far.

Amber loves going in the car and will lie down on the back seat and go to sleep, she is just slightly apprehensive about getting in the car and sometimes I have had to lift her up, and due to her slender size, I have found this is relatively easy and I am not the strongest lady.

Amber requires reassurance while out shopping in our local town, she is much more confident in quieter places and loves to sniff everything which can affect her recall as she loves exploring. Amber has seen cows and barked quite a bit and her heckles did appear and out on walks walked past horses.  Amber is inquisitive towards water and will happily paddle and I suspect she would love to swim for a ball. Amber is interested in any animal that moves and has had me up at 5am to chase frogs in our garden. While out on walks we have been teaching her to sit and wait at the pavement which she has been successful with a couple of times, she isn’t to keen rain and prefers a walk when it is dry.

Amber is still a puppy and is still learning, living with another dog around her size may aid this training, she has not been too keen on tiny dogs which are a similar size to a rabbit – so there’s room for training and practice there.  She does pull on the lead slightly but with some positive reinforcement using a high value reward such as cheese and chicken I feel in time she will learn to heal.  Amber is still going through the chewing phase and loves a nibble especially shoes and leads so plenty of chewable toys will need to be around. She has not been afraid of any of the household noises.

Amber loves cuddles, affection and loves to play and have fun a short time but enjoys her own space.  She will share the sofa for a short period of time and have cuddles but she will happily go into another room on her own so she can have her own sofa!! At night Amber sleeps in our bedroom on her own bed, usually waking us around 6am to go to the toilet.  I think she is used to sleeping downstairs. We don’t have a crate so not sure if she is crate trained.

Amber is a brilliant girl, with a little training she will be an awesome dog and make someone a great companion.”


To adopt Amber, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies.

Thank you