Bobby is a handsome young lad, a clever boy with lots of potential.  Bobby is living in one of our amazing foster homes and has been overlooked for a long time now. He deserves love and his forever home – could that be with you?

This is how Bobby’s fosterers describe him….

…”Bobby requires a home where all occupants will be firm with him. He instantly warms towards women but is wary with men initially. However he requires a home with a strong male figure, willing to take charge – in a female only household Bobby believes he is in charge and needs to protect, this spikes his anxiety, therefore a strong male figure calms him and reduces his anxiety.

Bobby was a stray at 8 months old and through no fault of his own hasn’t found his forever home yet. Since Bobby has never had a permanent home or owner, he has become a very nervous dog. We have fostered Bobby for over a year, over time he has become a lot more confident and relaxed, from having a routine and stability.

Once given the time to settle Bobby is a fantastic loyal companion, always wanting to be by your side. He is a very lively playful dog with bundles of energy. Loves to play with his toys, has epic zoomies but he will let you know when it’s bedtime.

Bobby’s day is made up of lots of doggy naps, playing tug with toys, pulling apart his toys, zoomies, a couple of walks, and little training sessions, to feed his never ending appetite. A routine is key for Bobby, being taken on walks and fed at the same times daily keeps his anxiety low, as things run as expected. He will eat his food within seconds, and is obedient during our meal times. Bobby currently sleeps on the floor of our bedroom in his own bed. He sleeps through the night without disturbing us only waking up for walks in the morning.

When left alone Bobby doesn’t destroy anything, just a whimper at first then he will settle down after 5 minutes or so. When arriving home or with new people Bobby can be very jumpy, this can be managed with training. Bobby travels well in the car.

Bobby loves attention and likes to be close to people, but Bobby does not like being leant on, he will growl and run away and on occasion show his teeth if he is woken up.

When Bobby is overexcited he can become nippy but a firm “no” will stop him and he will go play with a toy to release his excitement. Bobby does not pinch socks or shoes or the like.

Outside noises such as builders or children playing can stress out Bobby, making him whimper and pace around, therefore quiet living areas are necessary to keep Bobby relaxed.

Bobby is house trained, attracting attention when he wants to go outside. Bobby is very food orientated and responds well to training. He is a very clever dog understanding basic commands and picks up new tricks quickly. Teaching Bobby skills has increased his confidence, reduced anxiety and strengthened his bond with us, therefore advise continuing adding to his skills to maintain his confidence.

On walks… following advice from a training session we limit the number and length of walks Bobby receives, as he can become very stressed outside his comfort zone. On walks Bobby is pully, however lessens once trust is developed. Bobby is fearful of some strangers therefore has a habit of barking or lunging towards certain people.

When on a walk, it is easy for Bobby to become agitated, this is often by seeing people in hi-vis clothes, other dogs, bicycles or loud noises.

Bobby is wary around other dogs either choosing to run away or aggressively pull towards the other dog. Bobby’s anxiousness means that he doesn’t trust other dogs and will try to dominate another dog if given the chance.

Bobby is a fantastic loyal loving idiot that will bring joy to any home lucky enough to meet his high standards”


We are looking for confident owners for Bobby, who can commit to long term training and understand that he needs time to adjust to his new family. No children or visiting children – no exceptions. No other pets. Experienced owners who are committed to the continued training Bobby needs to thrive. A secure garden is a must as he can jump high. Thank you



To adopt Bobby, or to offer him a foster home until his forever home comes along, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you