*** Daisy is now RESERVED. We are no longer accepting application for Daisy, thank you ***

Daisy is living in one of our amazing foster homes. This is how her foster Mum describes her….

Daisy is a loving and inquisitive girl with lots of energy and a big personality. Daisy would suit an active home who can take her on plenty of adventures. She loves a car ride and likes traveling to new places for a walk. Daisy is excitable on a walk and easily distracted, because of this she needs a strong and confident person who can help keep her focused. She is strong on the lead but whilst in foster has been learning to walk nicely. Daisy is learning quickly and would benefit from this training continuing. We suspect that Daisy hasn’t been taken on regular walks until now, so everything is new and exciting – we’ve noticed that she is more relaxed in places she walks regularly so with continued daily walks we expect her to settle down.

When Daisy isn’t out exploring she can usually be found snoring on the sofa or playing with her ball. Daisy will happily entertain herself either rolling around on the floor with her ball or de-stuffing a stuffed toy! She will make you laugh with her goofy personality, whether that’s singing along to pop music or having to chase her for a bath (she likes a bath once she’s in, she just makes you chase her first!)

Daisy is a clever dog who listens to commands and learns new ones quickly. She is also house trained and has been left alone for short periods without any issues.

Daisy is very affectionate and loves to cuddle! She does, however, need a bit of reassurance around new people. In foster a pet gate has helped Daisy gain her confidence when new people come into the home. If she’s given time to observe new people from the safety of another room, behind the gate, it boosts her confidence – she likes to approach people in her own time but once you’ve passed her inspection you have a friend for life! We’ve had lots of visitors during the Euros and Daisy has been fantastic, she’s been mingling and doing really well.

On a recent beach trip Daisy met a few dogs and was really good, she’s been great at saying hello to all dogs since then but she isn’t happy with them in her home environment”


For Daisy’s comfort, we are looking for a dog free home. Also because Daisy is interested in moving things on walks, we think that cats and small furries would be too much for her. No children or visiting children please. Daisy is learning how to accept strangers coming to visit the house and children, or children’s friends, will probably be too much for her to cope with. Thank you



To adopt Daisy, please complete our adoption application form. We welcome applications from across Lancashire but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 5. Home check and adoption donation applies. Thank you