Where are you based?

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What are Pound Dogs?

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How do I adopt a dog?

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Collecting Your Dog

Once you have successfully completed your homecheck you will then be able to arrange to collect your new addition. We will continue to provide ongoing support to you and your new dog once you have taken them home.
You will be giving a dog a new start in life and in return they will give you love and licks.


Why do you charge an adoption fee?

When dogs come into the care of Homeless Hounds we have no record of their previous medical history and an extremely high percentage of the dogs are are un-neutered.

The following costs are presuming that the dog has no current medical conditions which require treatment.
انتهى الاكتتاب في اسهم اسمنت ام القرى Typical costs for a male dog:    
  Neutering £ 80.00
  Full Vaccinations £ 35.00
  Microchipping £ 20.00
  Flea and Wormer £ 10.00
  سوق الاسهم السعودي مباشر تداول Total طريقة المتاجره بالذهب £ 145.00


A female neuter is more expensive and depends on the size of the bitch

http://edoalberts.nl/?pifos=تعلم-كيفية-تداول-الاسهم تعلم كيفية تداول الاسهم When you adopt a dog from Homeless Hounds you have the peace of mind knowing that:
1) The dog you have been selected to adopt has been assessed by us and matched to your family and living conditions via a home check.
2) The dog will have been vet checked and the above vet treatments will have been carried out*
3) Homeless Hounds dogs come with a home trial period where you are able to get to know your dog and see if it is a perfect match.
4) All our dogs come with lifetime backup from Homeless Hounds.
* Sometimes dogs will be rehomed with a neutering condition in the adoption form. This is followed up by us.

Sometimes we get a dog who has been chipped and neutered already and is in perfect health. Any money from the adoption fee from these dogs goes to the many other dogs who are not as well, not as 'cute' and instantly adoptable and remain for long periods in emergency boarding.


Homeless Hounds is a non-profit organisation and our trustees are unpaid




How are you funded?

Our work is funded entirely by peoples kind donations and our own fundraising events. Our trustees are unpaid and do not receive any expenses, so every penny goes towards saving dogs lives.

If you feel you would like to help then please visit our ( تداول اسعار الذهب في الامارات Get Involved) page.


Do you put dogs to sleep?

Homeless Hounds have a no destruction policy and no dogs in our care will be put to sleep unless recommended by a vet for humane reasons.

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