Sponsor Dogs

Sometimes dogs come into our care who cannot be rehomed, either because of health conditions or behavioural issues. We make a promise to these dogs that they will stay with us for the rest of their lives – and we will ensure they have stability, medical care, play, walks and lots of love. 

Some of our Sponsor Dogs are lucky enough to be in foster homes with incredible families, some remain with us at our kennels where they are visited daily by their favourite volunteers.

It can be expensive to provide veterinary treatment and medicines for our Sponsor Dogs and their kennels cost approximately £8 per dog per night. If you feel you could contribute towards the upkeep of our Sponsor Dogs, please click HERE  to make a donation. Thank you


Brock has been with us for several years now. We know that it won’t be easy for Brock to find his forever home because his past life experiences have damaged his trust of humans. Brock is a big lad and likes to warn-off visitors when they come to meet him, but he has a remarkably loving relationship with several volunteers, one volunteer in particular, Leigh, who comes to spend time with him every day. Brock suffers from arthritis in elbow – he receives daily medication to ease his pain. He also had a poorly eye removed recently, which no longer bothers him. Brock enjoys the luxury of a sofa and a fully decorated kennel (aka Palace!) when he isn’t sharing the front exercise area with his best mate, fellow Sponsor Dog, Dubz.


Dubz has been living with us at HH HQ for several years. Dubz is a typical happy Boxer – he’s full of energy, he’s a bit of a clown and very playful! Unfortunately, Dubz had a rough start in life and he finds it really hard to trust new people. He is the biggest baby with his best friends at the kennels and has won the hearts of the volunteers. Dubz and Brock struck up a friendship a couple of years ago – the big boys share the front exercise area every day and have quite a bromance going on! Dubz will stay in the sanctuary of Homeless Hounds where he is safe and doesn’t feel threatened by the scary outside world. Dubz also has a luxuriously decorated kennel, complete with sofa, blankets and all his favourite bits and bobs.


Cooper came into the care of Homeless Hounds in the summer of 2018, along with 3 other dogs, who had been locked together alone in a shed. Cooper had a huge tumour on one of his rear legs and was in desperate need of veterinary attention. We’re desperately sorry to tell you that Cooper’s tumour is malignant and too large to be removed successfully. Cooper has been living with one of our wonderful foster carers, along with another resident dog and he wants for nothing. He now enjoys life in the most comfortable home, with toys, walks, treats and cuddles on tap. Cooper even has his own mode of transport (known as the CoopMobile!)  to help him enjoy walks that otherwise would be too far for him to walk. We can’t thank Cooper’s foster carer enough for making the time he has left, as magical as she has.

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